Woman swallows sewing needle but survives freak accident

A woman struggled to breathe after she got a sewing needle stuck in her teeth and then accidentally swallowed it.

Shocking video footage shows the moment doctors removed the small object during emergency surgery.

The unnamed woman went to MSM Hospital in Jaipur, India, after complaining of stomach pain, according to Jam Press. Doctors were initially baffled by her condition and spent days trying to diagnose her.

After 10 days of multiple examinations – including an ultrasound, endoscopy, X-rays and CT scans – and being sent home, a final ultrasound revealed the tiny needle stuck in her liver.

The woman explained that the needle got stuck in her teeth before she accidentally swallowed the small tool.

A woman in India required surgery after doctors found a sewing needle in her liver.
Jam Press/Rare Shot News

Once the needle was discovered, she was rushed to surgery to remove the object that was causing her pain.

The operation to remove the needle took two hours, Jam Press reported, and involved the use of keyhole surgery – a surgical method requiring only a small opening.

The surgery was videotaped, becoming the first time a needle or pin removal operation has been performed using telescopic surgery – which is an operation performed in the area of ​​the abdomen by small incisions using a camera.

It was unclear whether the needle had caused any lasting damage.

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