Uinta County Herald | The embroidery shop expands and opens a shop on Front Street

Dorie Medina-Cox and Russell Cox, owners of BEst KIND embroidery shop in Evanston, have expanded and added a quilting supplies section, as well as merchandise, to the store, made possible by a new storefront on Front Street.

BEST KIND Embroidery has been in operation since fall 2020, but just moved to its new building in June.

“We started with a single needle machine when we worked at my house,” Medina-Cox said, “but it wasn’t enough for us — we couldn’t keep up. So in December of that year we bought the six heads [sewing machine] and had to move to Allegiance Circle.

Medina-Cox said even there the space was still too small for their business, so they kept looking and settled into their current store at the corner of Front and 9th streets.

“We’re going to redo the two floors upstairs further down the road as some kind of quilt retreat center or an Airbnb [during] big events in town like Brew Fest,” she said.

She said they were really lucky to mark such a historic site so close to the city center, but it’s been a lot of work so far and will continue to look that way for quite some time.

“It took my husband and I about a year to redevelop this downstairs,” she said, “and we’re giving ourselves about a year to finish all the other floors.”

Needing something to take up the rest of the main floor of the building, Medina-Cox made the decision to add their new quilt shop because of her own love of craftsmanship.

“We have another cute little quilt shop here in town, so we wanted to put a little different spin on ours next door to Common Threads,” she said. “…Instead of selling whole quilts, we sell the supplies you can make yourself.”

The family business has been offering embroidery since the beginning alongside its new quilt section for individuals and businesses.

“We do logos on hats, backs of jackets — anything you can think of,” Medina-Cox said. “We also do a lot of personal work. Some people come in and just want a name on a backpack and we do that for them.

The small store also carries a wide range of officially licensed Wyoming Cowboys gear – hats, apparel, bags, blankets, and more. Everything you can see in the store is also available online at bestkind307.com.

“Something we think would be really fun and something we want to do here is offer classes to the community – that’s what the ground floor is going to be – a classroom/retreat center” , she said. “I would also like to bring in people who can teach things that I can’t, like any manual work like crocheting and knitting.”

Medina-Cox said she was motivated to grow by the idea of ​​having more community involvement.

“I want to involve more people in quilting,” she said, “young people, especially. There are not many young people who are interested in it and I hope we can pique their interest and get them all to quilt.

Medina-Cox said they plan to hold a grand opening this fall once their quilt section has grown a bit. She said they plan to hold a quilting retreat in Bear Lake for the community in the spring.

“We rent a house, and the quilters come and stay and they bring their sewing supplies,” she said of the planned event. “And to non-sewers, it might sound ridiculous, but you sit and sew for days, eat and hang out. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

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