This $ 25 hand-held sewing machine is great for quick repairs and easy stitches


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TL; DR: Repair your clothes yourself at home with the Handy Dandy portable sewing machine for $ 24.95, a saving of 58% as of June 3.

How many clothes have you thrown away, pushed into the bottom of a drawer or forgotten just because of a small tear, a broken hem or a torn pocket? We are all guilty of it. But pulling out your grandma’s bulky old sewing machine that you barely know how to use isn’t exactly practical. And sew things by hand? Forget that.

Although it looks like a stapler and has a silly name, the Handy Dandy portable sewing machine is really practical and dandy. It is designed to reach many inaccessible places and make the quick fixes you would normally drop. It works with AA batteries and is easy to use even for non-sewers, is quiet, suitable for all fabrics and does not require tedious needle threading. And because it’s so light and portable, you can literally fix curtain hems while they’re still on the rod. Or clip that fraying sleeve to your sweatshirt in the car. Or cut those overly long pants your friend gave you in minutes.

Can it handle heavy-duty projects and replace a legitimate sewing machine? Probably not. But for simple projects or stitch fixes in tricky places, this thing is up to the job.

Usually priced at $ 59.95, you can purchase this Handy Dandy portable sewing machine, along with a thread starter kit and manual, for just $ 24.95, saving you 58%.

Credit: Electronic Avenue


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