Sox, the cat who swallowed thread and sewing needle, avoids surgery

Curiosity nearly claimed the life of playful Sox, an adorable kitten from Hanover Park, when he accidentally swallowed a sharp sewing needle and thread on Monday, March 22.

You might think this is a very unusual case, but you would be wrong. There are two potentially dangerous foreign objects that cats like to play with and sometimes end up swallowing (earplugs and needles).

Cats seem to be drawn to the smell of our ear wax and would love to chew on thin metal objects that should never be lying around.

Last night, much to everyone’s relief, Sox managed to get the needle and thread through without further injuring himself. The fact that the thread untangled from her intestines and the sharp needle passed through her tiny body without causing any intestinal lacerations makes her a very lucky cat!

Since the start of national lockdown, there has been a marked increase in the number of home businesses. Spider webs were dusted off unused sewing machines and rusty tools were replaced with shiny new equipment as many desperate South Africans turned their hobbies into income generators.

Dining tables became work benches and garages quickly turned into workshops in many cases without due regard for health and safety regulations.

Our instinctively curious pets took a keen interest in our new work-from-home lifestyle and thoroughly tested, tasted, and played with much of what we left lying around.

This may explain why we have noticed an increase in the number of patients admitted for ingestion and poisoning of potentially fatal linear foreign bodies.

“Over the past several months, we have surgically removed tennis balls, a variety of needles, women’s underwear, socks, honeycombs, bones, cutlery and animal hardware. well cared for and treated an extraordinary number of animals for poisoning and hope this post will motivate everyone to make sure their workspaces are safe, ”said Allan of Animal Welfare Society.

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