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Closure of the activity at the end of the year

Linda Tromblay, owner of The Sewing & Yarn Shop, 118 N. Main St., has offered her sewing expertise and specialty products to a retail business for four decades and has served in her downtown Bellefontaine location for over 27 years old. She is now ready for retirement and has announced the closure of her store at the end of the year.

Her professional sewing began 60 years ago when she had a sewing workshop in her home.

Ms. Tromblay’s late husband Jim, who died in January, was in the US Air Force, so the family moved often. In 1967, they moved to Bellefontaine when he was transferred to the 664th Air Command & Warning Squadron

They have lived in Logan County for 52 years and have raised eight children.

For 30 years, Ms. Tromblay sold Viking sewing machines and overlockers, fabric, thread, patterns and supplies, taught machine and tailoring classes, and did tailor-made tailoring and alterations. , all in his workshop at home.

Mr. Tromblay stayed at home, doing machine repairs in his service area.

The Sewing & Yarn Shop has been an evolving business over the years. The owner has been selling high end sewing machines for many years and her husband has helped repair operations.

Ultimately, however, Ms. Tromblay chose to close the Viking dealership approximately 10 years ago, allowing Mr. Tromblay to retire. Since then, she has focused on alterations and thread, as well as teaching classes and workshops to educate individuals on tailoring and more.

All of its merchandise is currently on sale at a 25-50% discount. The owner explained that everything had to go, from cabinets to cupboards, metal and wood shelves, wire crates, tables, counters, sewing machine cabinets, pattern cabinets, DMC thread boxes , window decorations and display items.

After many years in business, Ms. Tromblay has decided now is the perfect time to retire and focus on renovations to the house she and her husband bought 50 years ago.

Space at 118 N. Main St. will be available for rent starting January 1st. This commercial / office space measures 1,300 square feet and has a rear entrance and parking space for tenants.

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