Sewing machine repairman is making things buzz | Waco today

Closer to home, Natalie Snow teaches Family and Consumer Sciences at Midway High School, where students are introduced to the basics of sewing in the principles of human service (formerly known as home economics). .

“Students learn to sew a button, a hook and an eyelet, a hem and an apron,” Snow said. “In the more advanced styling classes, students work on large sewing projects. “

When asked if the pandemic resulted in an increase in its repair activity, Denmark said: “I was really busy the first two months of the pandemic with people having their machines repaired to make masks.” .

As the pandemic spreads and people become more used to staying at home, they may develop a renewed interest in a hobby as versatile as sewing.

Seam direction

Buying a good old machine was Denmark’s advice when asked what it would say to those who want to learn the basics of sewing. He said the sewing experience will be better overall.

The new machines are manufactured cheaply, he added, and are not meant to be repaired. Often the part needed is more expensive than the value of the machine, he said.

The two most common problems with sewing machines that he encounters are people threading the machine incorrectly and dirty machines. He reminds people that sewing machines need to be cleaned and oiled to keep them functioning properly. Consult the machine’s operator’s manual for specific maintenance instructions, he suggested.

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