Sewing machine industry strengthens during pandemic, says Usha International

The Sewing Machine Major said on Monday that demand for household machines had increased over the past year amid the Covid-19 disruptions. Company officials said sales in semi-urban and rural areas are booming, while they are also on track in urban centers such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

“We have seen healthy growth of over 15% in this category (housewife). Usha’s market share in the automatic zigzag (white machines) category increased significantly and closed 2020-2021 with over 65% market share in this category. Parveen Kumarr Sahni, senior vice president of Usha International (sewing machine category), told PTI.

“The sewing machine currently contributes around 30% of the company’s turnover, and we intend to further increase this contribution by expanding the category to all of India,” he said. -he declares.

Sahni said the southern states are currently the priority for Usha International, followed by the West, North and East.

“People in the southern region are more inclined to practice sewing and quilting as a hobby, followed by West and North. However, the North and West are becoming a big market in the years to come.” , did he declare.

Usha remained optimistic about high growth in the second half of the year with the coming months of partying.

“We are optimistic about sales, especially as the holiday season approaches, starting with Onam and Raksha Bandhan. We hope to see demand increase and momentum flow through Durga Puja and Diwali,” Sahni said.

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