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Two friends started a local community sewing project with the sole purpose of raising money for charity.

The Yarn Bomb installation on the Hedge End bandstand

The Hedge End Community Sewing Project celebrated its first anniversary by setting up a ‘thread bomb’ in Hedge End as a thank you to the community who have supported them throughout the year. The theme of the installation is a summer meadow and involves covering the downtown bandstand with decorative crochet materials, like a form of street art.

The project led by friends Roberta Buhagiar and Dee O’Neill – began by sewing face coverings for the local community at the start of the lockdown, with all donations going to charity.

Roberta Buhagiar and Dee O’Neill started out by sewing face covers for the local community.

The project quickly evolved and people started asking for a range of sewing items. The project now has a wide range of practical and pretty gifts that are handcrafted from a range of fabrics for the whole family, including pets.

Over the past six months, the project has raised £ 6,000 for Naomi House, while helping to support and donate to a number of other local causes, ranging from appeals to the homeless and children, to animal shelters at the local food bank.

This year, sewing enthusiasts have chosen to raise funds for Wildern Opportunity Group, a small, Hedge End-based charity that helps local children with special needs and their families.

Detail of the Yarn Bomb installation from the bandstand

The ethics of the project are essentially based on the reuse and reuse of the tissues that are donated to prevent them from ending up in landfills.

“We have a warm feeling knowing that the money we raise has an impact on the lives of such special children and their families. We appreciate the enormous challenge that charities have faced over the past year in raising funds, so we are delighted to be able to support them financially on our small scale, ”said Dr Roberta Buhagiar

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