Fonder sewing machine store in Sioux Falls redevelops 41st Street location

A local sewing machine retailer is renovating its building to organize its space, better display its products and build a classroom.

Founding Sewing Machine Company at 2130 W. 41st St. received a building permit on May 11. With an increase in sewing interests during the pandemic, the business is growing and needs more space to meet the needs of its customers, said Chris Reiser, co-owner of Fonder.

“When we bought the building, there were four separate facilities here,” Reiser said. “We ran our store on half the building, then the other two tenants moved out and we expanded. We now have four separate units, but we want to remodel the space to make it more functional.”

The plan is to put storage and embroidery in the old Quiznos space and use the west part of the building for a classroom. The renovation will help accommodate more display cabinets and other display cases at the store.

The remodel will begin in June in phases to remain functional for customers, Reiser said. He expects the renovation to be completed by early fall.

“With all the inventory we have, we’re going to break it down and make it more organized so it’s more fluid,” Reiser said.

Fonder was founded nearly 80 years ago by Reiser’s grandfather. Reiser owns the business along with his brother and sister.

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