Death Stranding Order 37: Cosplayer’s Guide Sewing Kit Delivery

Order 37 is yet another task in the huge list of tasks given to Sam in Death Stranding and for the fulfillment of this order you must deliver a sewing kit from the distribution center south of Lake Knot town to the cosplayer west of South Knot town. In this guide, we will help you complete the delivery of the Order 37 sewing kit to the cosplayer.

Death Stranding Order 37

So, starting from the distribution center south of Lake Knot town, go through the player builds a bridge to the west, then move along the east shore to the south.

After a few moves in the direction, you will have more difficulty driving. This is because there will be a rocky outcrop waiting for you there. This is the place where you will have to say goodbye to your Trike and walk away.

So leave the Trike there and head southeast. Continue in the same direction until you see a Canyon enter your line of sight.

So head south into the canyon. As you progress, you will find the Cosplayer in a cave dwelling.

It is in the same place that you will also find Conan O’Brien who is in fact her husband.

Both of them will be happy to see you and that can be taken out of the situation as they will hand you Otter Hood as a sign of appreciation!

Otter Hood allows you or it can be said to allow you to cross more easily when diving in deep rivers.

After receiving the Otter Hood, you will be free to return wherever you wish.

Obviously, the only place you’ll want to go is the Mule Territory because that’s where you can start your number 36 order from (if you haven’t finished it yet).

Otherwise, you can also take a walk or go to a place with a view of the river in order to test your newly received Otter Hood.

Make sure the river you choose is deep enough for the Otter Hood bike to work well in deep depths.

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