City Lights: Linny Giffin leads Happy Hour Embroidery

Happy Hour Embroidery

If the topic of group sewing enters a person’s mind, one might think of their grandmother’s social life. Before quarantine, embroidery was often considered a mundane activity to pass the time if there was absolutely nothing else to do. Linny Giffin of Adorn by Linny Inc. is looking to change that by offering an embroidery happy hour at Heurich House on June 26. “I feel like people in DC, so many people have very important jobs,” says Giffin. “I’m always surprised at how creative people are, but it helps to have a little encouragement and a little structure around something you wouldn’t normally try.” Alcohol, being the ultimate encouragement, also helps. A happy hour ticket includes the embroidery kit (where the embroiderer can choose flowers, a palm, or a bust for her design) as well as wine and beer options, which can be purchased in advance. Then, embroiderers can stay for drink specials during Heurich House’s happy hour, starting at 2 p.m. For Giffin, making art is the ultimate way to disconnect from technology and reconnect with her creative side. “I think embroidery is a great opportunity to put your phone down and just be present with something using your hands,” says Giffin. “I wish someone would come away with a new hobby.” The event will take place at 1 p.m. on June 26 at Heurich House, 1307 New Hampshire Ave. NW. Tickets are available at $60 to $80.

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