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Thread is an essential part of any sewing project, with strength and stitch hold determined by the quality and type of thread chosen. When choosing a yarn, consider its material composition as well as its stretch, sheen, thickness, and durability. in most cases it should be of the same material and weight as the sewn fabric. Available in a wide range of colors, the thread can be chosen to match the fabric hue or produce a contrasting topstitch, but if you plan to dye your fabric you will need to select a thread material that can accept the dye color. Our picks below will help you find the best yarn for your project needs.

1. Gutermann sewing thread

Offering great quality and versatility, this polyester yarn (50 weight) is suitable for all-purpose use. Sold in a giant 1,094 yard spool, it can be used in hand sewing or on a machine, and it works well for all materials and seams. It is made from long-staple polyester, which makes it very strong and less prone to breakage than other yarns, providing a durable, low-lint finish with optimal stitch security.

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Gutermann sewing thread


2. Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Yarn

Crafted from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton with a soft, silky sheen, this thread is ideal for sewing cotton, making it an excellent choice for use in quilting. The 547 yard (50 weight) thread spool is suitable for hand and machine sewing, and its mercerized finish gives it extra strength to reduce snags, knots and breakage. It is fade and shrink resistant, providing a reliable finish for crafts.

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Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Thread


3. American Thread and Efird Serger

Serger thread is used to build up the seams and finish the raw edges, so it’s important that it’s flexible and strong while not causing bunching or adding too much weight. Slightly thinner than standard sewing thread, this heavy-duty polyester thread (40 weight) offers even strength and is designed for machine use, but is suitable for all types of sewing and embroidery projects. The yarn comes on a 3,000 yard cone and is available in a variety of colors.

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American & Efird Serger Thread


4. Coats & Clark Inc. Dual Purpose Heavy Yarn

An extra-heavyweight (15 weight) core-spun polyester thread provides superior strength for sewing heavy materials such as denim, canvas and leather. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this yarn is smooth, colorfast and weather resistant. The 125 meter spool of thread for hand and machine sewing offers consistent tension with low breakage for a durable, secure stitch.

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Coats & Clark Inc. Heavy Duty Dual Purpose Thread


5. Singer Polyester Hand Sewing Thread

A great choice for home mending and small craft projects, this set includes 24 mini spools of thread in a variety of colors, plus three needles and a threader. Each spool has 10 yards of polyester thread, providing a good amount for basic sewing repairs. Suitable for hand sewing, this thread is not intended for use on a machine.

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Singer Polyester Hand Sewing Thread


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