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What are the best Singer sewing machines?

For over a century, sewing machines have been used to produce clothing, linens, home decor, and many other items that we appreciate every day. Founded in 1851, Singer is known as one of the most trusted brands of sewing machines in the world.

Singer offers a range of sewing machines suitable for sewing experts, intermediates as well as beginners. The company produces sewing machines that use advanced, high-quality technology that are reliable and easy to use, such as the Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist.

What to know before buying a Singer sewing machine

Types of Singer Sewing Machines

Deciding on the type of sewing machine you want – whether computerized or mechanical – is the most crucial part of finding the right one for you. Computerized and mechanical sewing machines both have useful features. Depending on what you plan to sew, the frequency and type of fabrics you use will greatly influence your selection.


A computerized sewing machine can be connected to a computer through a USB port. This is a great option for those who do embroidery as you can download stitch patterns to your computer and send them to the sewing machine through an internet connection. This offers more creativity in the type of embroidery and sewing available. Computerized machines are also equipped with automatic needle threaders, which provide a much more user-friendly and smooth experience.


With mechanical sewing machines, you control everything manually, from needle and bobbin threading to stitch length and thread tension. Mechanical machines are often larger than computerized machines.

Since mechanical sewing machines are generally inexpensive, they tend to be best for beginners looking for an affordable option. However, although computerized machines are more expensive, they can make it easier for beginners to learn.

What to look for in a quality Singer sewing machine

Ease of use

  • Recessed coil
  • Automatic bobbin threader
  • Automatic needle threader

Inner frame material

Keep in mind that the material of the inner frame has an impact on the quality of the machine. A metal inner frame is the most durable and durable. A plastic frame is light and portable, but not as durable. Therefore, it will not last as long as metal.

Sewing options

  • Straight stitch
  • Zigzag stitch
  • Lockstitch
  • Buttonhole stitch
  • Overlock stitch
  • Embroidery stitch

How much you can expect to spend on a Singer sewing machine

While basic Singer sewing machines typically stay between $ 100 and $ 200, and mid-range models around $ 400, some advanced models go as high as around $ 1,000.

Sewing machine faqs

What is a free arm?

A. A free arm is the part of a sewing machine that usually consists of a tray where needles and other accessories are stored and can easily slide out to make room for sewing items, such as sleeves and legs. trousers.

How often should I change the needle?

A. Singer suggests changing the needles every six to eight hours of use, as well as using only Singer needles. This will prevent damage to the machine and the fabric.

What are the best Singer sewing machines to buy?

Top Singer Sewing Machine

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist

What would you like to know: This high speed portable sewing machine is suitable for serious seamstresses who need a variety of stitch patterns, accessories and automatic functions.

What you will love: The automatic needle threader will save you a lot of time and frustration. With the technology of this computerized sewing machine, you also have the font options to customize special projects. Unlike other sewing machines, it is powerful enough to pick up heavy fabrics.

What you should consider: Sometimes you may experience bobbin jams which can be a problem.

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Top Singer sewing machine for the money

Singer 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine

What would you like to know: It is a user-friendly, reliable and smooth computerized machine, which makes it ideal for beginners and experts alike.

What you will love: It includes convenient features such as push-button stitch selection with 100 different options, as well as an automatic needle threader and length, width and tension settings that adjust the entire sewing process to one. faster and easier pace.

What you should consider: This machine may not be ideal for quilts, due to the challenge of sewing multiple layers.

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To be checked

Singer 1304 Start free arm

Singer 1304 Start free arm

What would you like to know: This basic and affordable mechanical sewing machine is ideal for those who only plan to sew occasionally.

What you will love: The simple mechanical machine works reliably for anyone who is not as tech-savvy for computerized machines. It features an automatic buttonhole and is perfect for basic projects that don’t require more than six built-in stitches.

What you should consider: Without an automatic needle threader, the threading process can be difficult.

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Singer Simple 2263 23-stitch sewing machine

Singer Simple 2263 23-stitch sewing machine

What would you like to know: It is an inexpensive model, ideal for beginners.

What you will love: With 23 stitches with 11 decorative types included, it is a simple machine with an automatic needle threader. It also includes handy accessories and easy-to-use control buttons.

What you should consider: It can be difficult to wind the bobbin because the thread often gets tangled.

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Singer Mechanical Sewing Machine

Singer Mechanical Sewing Machine

What would you like to know: While this basic mechanical sewing machine doesn’t have a lot of different features, it is a reliable and affordable model for those who are just starting out.

What you will love: It’s a lightweight, quiet machine with easy-to-operate control knobs, nine stitch options including two decorative choices, and adjustable stitch width and length.

What you should consider: It doesn’t last as long as other models, so you may need to replace or upgrade it after a while.

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