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Softer than a knit but stronger than a weave, felt is a versatile and malleable material used for everything from sculpting to sewing. Thought to have been discovered when prehistoric hunters and gatherers inadvertently compressed sheep wool while they slept, felting may be one of the oldest methods of making textiles. Needling with felt is a carving method suitable for beginners, with a range of possibilities. A process of entangling fibers using a barbed tool, you need a special type of worsted wool to be able to make your own felt. Available in a range of colors, there is a lot of felt wool on the market. Browse through the best options via the summary below.

1. MOMODA wool yarns

Showcasing neutral, pastel and vivid colors, this 50-pack felt skeins has a wide variety of colors. Soft, plush and vibrant, this material is ideal for needle felting. Each color is packaged in an individually sealed bag that keeps the material clean and protected. Featuring all the colors of the rainbow and more, this felting wool pack is spoiled for choice.

To buy:
MOMODA wool yarns

$ 18.99

2. Wistyria Editions wool pack

This eight-spool bundle of yarn features sophisticated neutrals like camel, smoke, and cocoa. Made from ultra-fine 100% wool yarns, the fibers are super soft and durable. Packaged in a practical resealable pouch, your equipment will remain in perfect condition.

To buy:
Wistyria Editions wool pack

$ 15.32

3. Desert Breeze distributing Maori wool

Available in a range of colors as well as three-pack combinations, this skein of Maori wool is made from a combination of New Zealand wool, specially blended for optimized needle felting and wet felting. Soft, vibrant and non-toxic, each skein includes an ounce of material sourced from New Zealand sheep farms with strict animal welfare regulations.

To buy:
Desert Breeze distributing Maori wool

4. Glaciart One Fiber merino wool

With 20 multi-colored skeins per pack, this merino wool is vibrant and chunky. The soft material feels like a dream and the fibers won’t fall out or pilling. Ethically sourced, this merino wool is acquired using free trade practices from the best sheep farms in Australia, so you can feel good about your purchase.

To buy:
Glaciart One Fiber Merino Wool

$ 18.73

5. Living Dreams Yarn Superfine Merino Fiber

For those looking for extra-fine gauge felting wool with a superior silky feel, choose this pack of ultra-fine merino wool fibers. Perfect for both spinning and felting, these ultra-plush fibers come in single-color packs. Available in a lush periwinkle, deep seafoam green, lime green and a swirling gray-pink blend, this high-quality wool is ethically sourced and sustainably dyed.

To buy:
Living Dreams Yarn Superfine Merino Fiber


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