Anuradha Bhaumick, an embroidery artist from Bengaluru, has caught the world’s attention!

Can a hashtag change your life? Or at least give your business a boost? Yes, says Anuradha Bhaumick, an embroidery artist from Bangalore. Her Instagram post with the hashtag #BookClub #LiteratureOnCanvas caught the attention of American actress Emma Roberts, founder of the online book club Belletrist and niece of Hollywood star Julia Roberts.

Bhaumick posted an embroidered artwork of a girl reading a book in a bathtub on her Insta handle @ hooplaback.girl. Roberts shared it on his Insta story and within minutes on a beautiful midday in April 2020, Bhaumick started receiving inquiries from potential buyers. About 18 months later, inquiries and sales continue unabated.

The 29-year-old embroiderer from Kasturi Nagar in the Garden City is busier than ever.

“People ask me to capture a slice of their life. Sometimes it’s as easy as visualizing the morning ritual of enjoying tea with their partner on their apartment patio. Or one of their dead cats. They send me the relevant photographs, and I create the art and ship it, ”explains this NIFT graduate.

Most of her orders that come through Instagram and her portal are done on poplin or muslin. Bhaumick spends between three days and a week to complete a custom embroidery. The work is good old thread and needlework which is like meditation to her.

Bengali living in Bengaluru, Bhaumick is in no rush to bow to anyone’s expectations. “My pieces are really based on what I want to work on. Although summer is over and fall is here, I’m currently on the summer flower theme,” she adds. .

Bhaumick knows that being an entrepreneur is hard work, but the creative part is fun. “I can never think of expanding or having someone else embroider just to grow my business. I may be able to outsource the marketing or accounting for my business, but I’m too selfish to give up on it. creative aspect of my job, ”she says.

Thanks to Hollywood single Instashare, Bhaumick was able to quit his 9-to-5 job at a branded clothing chain to launch his own line. “I remember my coworkers and my boss asking me if embroidery was really a career option in 2021. I said yes and I pursued it. To be able to earn a lot more than I would earn, if I had to continue in my previous job, makes my current job super fun, ”she adds.

Favorite job so far

“A friend ordered a piece featuring her recently deceased grandmother sewing a blanket. It reminded me of my own grandma. She practiced sustainability and recycled everything in the house. So creating this one was super special. , because doing it was like a tribute to her, “she says.

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