A homemade sewing machine may be the only

The sewing machine is a tool that many of us will have somewhere around our workshop. Hidden within it is a complex and fascinating mechanism. Some of us may have peeked inside, but very few of us will have made the effort to build our own. In case you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible, [Fraens] did exactly that, with what he claims is the only completely homemade sewing machine on the internet.

If you’ve ever studied the history of sewing machines, you’ll notice that they bear a striking resemblance to some of the earliest commercial machines, with a relatively short reach and fully open construction. The main chassis appears to be laser cut acrylic while all fittings are 3D printed, with machined brass bushings and aluminum rods for the other metal parts. The design uses a crank, but is also shown with a DC motor. This is a fascinating illustration of how sewing machines work. Unfortunately, we can’t see any design file links (update: he contacted us to tell us they are now on Thingiverse.), so you may need to be inventive if that’s how you want to build your own. Take a look at it in the video below the break.

Want a sewing machine but don’t want to make your own? We have the guide for that, and for filling out the rest of your textile bench.

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