9 of the best sewing machine tables to buy right now

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Embarking on a new sewing project is always good. But for more ambitious tasks, like making clothes, for example, or those with delicate or more intricate details, you’ll need a sewing machine table to make the job easier.

These tables will give you a dedicated space for your machine as well as a (usually extendable) tray to keep your fabric flat. In some cases there are also shelves or storage for your bobbins, cotton spools and buttons.

Whatever your needs, we’ve found nine of the best sewing machine tables on the market to buy now and use for years to come.

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Sewing table at the best price


Comet Sewing Table

Best Simple Sewing Table


Multipurpose/Sewing Folding Table

Best Compact Sewing Table


2 in 1 sewing table

Best Adjustable Sewing Table


Height-adjustable cutting table

Best Luxury Sewing Table


Sewing machine cabinet

Best Colored Sewing Table


Foldable sewing table

Best Vintage Sewing Table


Singer Sewing Machine Table


Vintage French Sewing Machine Table

Best Large Vintage Sewing Table


Singer Sewing Machine Desk

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