13 cute sewing kits for preschoolers, kids and tweens


I grew up wearing only homemade Halloween costumes made by my mom. My grandmother would knit afghans and sew my Easter dresses. And my campfire club regularly included sewing in its after-school events. I didn’t need to ask for a sewing kit for my birthday as the materials were all around me. This is not always the case for children interested in sewing. Fortunately, there are plenty of kid-friendly sewing kits available online. Here are a few of my favorites, based on my judgment on outdated sewing skills.

The key to introducing a child to sewing is to adapt the project to their age and abilities. Some children develop fine motor skills very early on and can easily manipulate a needle and thread. For others, it’s a practice that makes the situation perfect, and like anything parenting, you’ll need to approach this activity with a lot of patience.

In my experience, large embroidery needles work best for younger people. They’re bigger so kids can easily grab them and they don’t have a sharp tip – no one wants their job to end with a trip to the ER, Amirite?

Needlework can be a great creative outlet for kids, but you want to make sure it’s a positive experience. So start small and move on to more ambitious pieces. And who knows, maybe one day you will have a young fashion specialist in your hands.

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Constellation sewing kit

This Etsy kit is ideal for ages 4 and 5. First of all, it uses an embroidery hoop, which keeps the fabric stable. And second, there are children who sew on canvas. The fabric’s wide warp and weft make it easy for little hands to manipulate the included thread so they can clearly see what they are doing.


Rainbow sewing kit

I also really like this kit. Rather than teaching kids to sew on fabric, it replaces wood and gives them a rainbow perforated pattern to complete. The advantage is that with the help of an adult it almost guarantees a good finished product. And we all know how encouraging that can be.


Sew your own whale

For kids with a little more sewing experience, this darling whale plush introduces them to fabric turning. They’ll sew it inside out, then fold it back to reveal the whale print. The advanced technique may require more help, but the reward is a new darling buddy that they can flaunt on their bed.


Make your own mermaid

At $ 17, this cute little kit is a steal and would make a great activity for a little birthday party if you bought two or three. Each child could create their own personalized mermaid. The soft body doll comes with felt and sparkly sequins to sew and make her tail shine.


Gnome Kit

For a more neutral sewing activity, this kit of three dwarfs is perfect. With minimal sewing – just whipping the stitches to make each little gnome’s shirt, kids six and up can easily create their own. Then they can personalize their gnomes with wooden beads, felt hats, and scarves.


Dinosaur Sewing Felt Craft Kit

Do you have a T. Rex lover in your hands? Let them create their own Jurassic buddy with this DIY kit. Advertised for ages 4 to 100, this Etsy option makes creating your own stuffed animal super easy with simple sewing instructions and no complicated steps.


My sewing kit

For the tailor in training, this DIY sewing kit is appealing. All 125 materials come in a nice tin box for easy storage. The box comes with four projects, but the rest is up to your child’s imagination.


Dog Sock

Sock animals have been around for as long as there have been coverings for our feet. And $ 10 says this timeless craft will make your child as happy as they have made generations of children. It comes with everything you need to complete the little sock puppy.


Tiny Stitches Sewing and Craft Kit

As a kid of the 90s, my craft afternoons were built on Klutz books. One of the best kids DIY instruction manuals, Klutz continues to provide the best how-to books for kids and Sewing is no different. Children are given colorful step-by-step instructions along with all the materials they need to complete each activity.


Sew-on and do-it-yourself pillow kit

Let American Girl create fun sewing kits. This one learns to make two small puppies. But be careful, dear parents. This kit comes with 36 pieces. Settle in for a good long sewing session.


Mini treats

Another darling do-it-yourself kit from Klutz, this one focuses on fruits, veggies, and other goodies. Children can make 18 different items for their own feast. And parents love this pack just as much as children. It’s a parent’s choice award.


Sew First sewing kit

I love this pretty turquoise sewing tool case for a number of reasons (polka dot interior? Hello!), But the main one is that it comes with the notions that many other kits don’t include. I’m talking about sharp scissors, tape measure, two needles, stuffing, 7 embroidery threads wrapped on cards for easy use, and step-by-step instructions with diagrams. Now your little seamstress will have everything she needs to get started in one place.


My first sewing kit

Designed for ages 7 and up, this sewing kit focuses on soft shapes and fabrics to introduce children to needlework. It comes with “animal shapes, stuffing, fabric, 8 colors of embroidery floss, sketchbook, decorative shapes, straight pins, rick holder, buttons, needles, scissors , pom pom bands, tape measure, thimble, pincushion, and instructions. ”Basically everything your little one needs for a craft.


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