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Finishing your own sewing projects is a huge accomplishment, but you need the right sewing machine for the job. As a beginner, extra features and fancy additions can be more of a hindrance than a help. The best sewing machines for beginners are easy to use and durable, while producing excellent stitch quality. The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab has found the best beginner sewing machines from brands with outstanding performance, rave reviews, or features that make sewing a bit easier.

When shopping for a beginner’s sewing machine, you will need to determine which features are most important and for what type of projects you will be using the machine, such as embroidery, quilting, and tailoring. Here’s what to look for in a new sewing machine:

  • Number of points: When you learn to sew for the first time, you really only need two stitches: straight and zigzag. But as you go along you will want more stitch options and decorative stitches.
  • Weight: If you plan to bring your sewing machine to sewing classes or groups, be sure to choose a portable option. Look for a lightweight sewing machine with a handle for easy carrying.
  • Ease of use: For your first sewing machine, simple is better. Beginner sewing machines should always have a durable metal frame and useful tools, but avoid machines with features you won’t use. These can just get in the way and make it a more difficult machine to master.

Great for learning to sew, these machines will also grow with you as you move forward on more difficult projects. here are the best sewing machines for beginners to buy in 2021:

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Best overall sewing machine for beginners

7363 Confidence Sewing Machine

The Singer Confidence 7363 sewing machine is perfect for the beginning designer with ambitions for more advanced projects. For easier donning, there is a drop of can instead of the standard style. Beginners will appreciate that the speed is adjustable to avoid going too fast when learning; there is also an on / off button to abruptly stop if you made a mistake. As you go along this machine has 100 stitches, 6 buttonhole options, a built-in needle threader and a programmable up / down needle. These features are ideal for making clothes, quilts and everything in between. We love that the tension can be adjusted, but it will also automatically adapt to different fabrics.

Best value sewing machine for beginners

Mini portable sewing machine CS141WPU

If you’re looking for the simplest, most streamlined sewing machine, look no further. This choice is a fully functional sewing machine for $ 20! Smaller than a problem of Good Housekeeping, this sewing machine weighs less than three pounds for easy transportation. Perfect for small, simple sewing projects with a single stitch, this machine added ease of use features like a side thread cutter, removable extension table and built-in light. Note that this machine does not have a backstitch: To strengthen your stitches, it is recommended to sew the ends together.

Best first sewing machine

Start 1304 Sewing machine for beginners


$ 181.50

This simple machine impressed our experts for having easy to follow controls with an accessible reverse stitch. At just seven pounds, this machine is easily drinkable and perfect for small spaces. We love that it comes with multiple bobbins, presser feet, and needles. Plus, it has over 4,500 rave reviews on Amazon, with reviewers saying it’s “perfect for beginners” and a “great investment.”

Best beginner’s sewing machine for quilting

4120QDC-B Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine


$ 699.00

If you’re hoping to master quilting, you’ll need to start with the right machine. Janome JW8100 has excellent features for quilting projects with 120 built-in stitches available, many of which are specially designed for quilting. There are three handy buttons for convenience: the on / off button allows for greater precision when working on detail, easy reverse stitches inside out to keep the seams secure and the lock stitch button attaches the end of the thread so that you don’t have to prick any decorations. stitches. The feed can be lowered, so this machine is the best choice for free motion quilting. Plus, multiple presser feet are included specifically for quilting and a removable table to support larger projects.

Best beginner’s sewing machine for making clothes

Innov-is NS80E sewing machine


$ 165.20

When making your own clothes, you’ll need a sewing machine that has multiple capabilities, but isn’t too confusing to navigate. The Brother NS80E is packed with features ideal for beginners, such as adjustable stitch speed, bobbin, automatic needle threader and an easy-to-read LCD screen. This machine also has some features that will come in handy as you go along, such as several buttonholes in one step, seven sewing feet included and a free arm. As a rugged machine with 80 stitches, it’s great to grow with you from novice to expert.

Best beginner’s sewing machine for embroidery

SE625 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine


$ 550.10

Sewing machines with embroidery capabilities can get very advanced and expensive, with the popular Brother SE625 being one of the more affordable. With a 4 “x 4” embroidery field (loop, embroidery arm and foot are included), you can see all the designs in color on the LCD screen, making it easy to make adjustments like changing colors of wire. Come with 103 stitches and 80 embroidery designs, there is also a USB port for uploading your own embroidery designs or thousands of options from Brother online. In addition, it is also a fully functional sewing machine when the embroidery arm is removed. There are many ease of use features like an automatic needle threader, LED illuminated work area, free arm and bobbin chute to prevent jams.

Best sewing machine for kids

Zest Sewing Machine

Baby lock

$ 149.99

When small children are learning to sew, sewing safety is of the highest priority. This basic sewing machine from Baby Lock offers slow speed options and single stitches for easy learning. Baby Lock is a popular brand for high end sewing machines, so it’s a good deal for a top brand machine. With 15 stitch options and simple reverse, this five-pound sewing machine is an easy portable option. Plus, it’s under $ 100!

Best basic sewing machine for beginners

NEX portable sewing machine

For your first sewing machine, a simple design with a durable metal frame that has the ability to tackle larger projects is a great place to start. With 12 stitches, including straight stitches with varying lengths, zigzag stitches with varying widths and scallops for decorative details, this machine has the basics you will need. Comes with three presser feet, this machine can easily make buttonholes and can even accommodate a twin needle. Plus, it has a handle and weighs less than 6 pounds for easy movement. It is also less than $ 80 for a quality branded sewing machine – a great place to start learning.

Best heavy-duty sewing machine for beginners

4452 Heavy-duty sewing machine


$ 219.99

A classic model, the Singer Heavy Duty 4423 sewing machine has been popular since sew heavy fabrics like denim and leather for a while. With a powerful motor, this machine can sew 1,100 stitches per minute, speeding up your sewing projects. Its powerful motor can handle thick seams with ease. This machine offers 32 different stitches and several buttonhole options, offering variety, but not too overwhelming. Reviewers recommend using only Singer plastic spools for this machine.

Best serger for beginners

MO654DE Sergeant

Sewing machines can almost finish a project, but a serger will finish the job. An overlock machine cuts a clean edge on the fabric and then wraps threads around the raw edge to prevent fraying. The final seam looks cleaner and more professional.

This small Juki M0654DE overlock machine is ideal for beginners as it has the basics of an overlocker like 2, 3, 4 thread options for edge finishing and automatic rolled hem capabilities. Once you are more advanced, this machine has a maximum speed of 1,500 stitches per minute. Critics love the power of the serger without being too loud.

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