10 amazing gifts to Maek using a sewing machine


The best gifts are those made with love. No one said a store-bought gift was a bad idea, but people seem to appreciate handmade gifts more because of the thoughtfulness and energy that goes into them. If you want to give a gift that is thoughtful, beautiful, and doesn’t break the bank, keep reading to see the creative options.

A reusable fabric cover will help anyone carry dishes to a family event or social gathering in style. It’s so easy to make them that we recommend that you make a set of 4-6 blankets as a gift box.

Who is it for

The grandmothers and mothers who cook for the gatherings.

What you are going to need

– Large square of fabric

– Double fold ribbon

– Rotary knife

– Thin elastic

– Safety pin

– Sewing machine

How to do it

– Place a guide bowl on the fabric and cut a circle about 2 inches wider than the bowl.

– Sew the bias around the edge of the fabric. Leave a space the size of a safety pin.

– Measure and cut the elastic. Stick a safety pin on it and thread the bias tape. Sew the edges together and close the space in the bias tape.

You can mix the design of this gift to fit the receiver. It can be a solid color, a unique pattern or a quilt. You can also fill it with fiber or rice for more flexibility.

Who is it for

A great traveler.

What you are going to need

– Travel pillow pattern

– tissue fragments

– Padding (fiberfill or alternative)

– one-sided fusible fleece

– Basic sewing material

– The scissors

How to do it

– Print the pillow pattern. Place it on a large piece of fabric and cut out a back.

– Cut the fabric fragments into equal squares and arrange them.

– Using a layout that matches your pillow pattern, sew the squares together to form rows. Sew the rows together to make 1 piece.

– Use the back to cut out the front of the patchwork.

– Apply the iron-on patch on the back of the back. Repeat for the front.

– Place the two pieces right sides together and pin. Sew all around, leaving a 3 inch opening for the stuffing.

– Turn right and iron the seams.

– Stuff the pillow and close the opening with a hand stitch.

Not all sewing gifts have to be fabric. This simple rustic leather phone pouch is simple and elegant. You can use scraps of leather from an old project or reuse an old handbag.

Who is it for

A simple and elegant lady.

What you are going to need

– 7 inch white lace

– A few pieces of leather

– White cotton thread

– Magnetic button

– Leather glue

– Eyelet punch

How to do it

– Cut two pieces of leather to the desired size of the pouch.

– Overlap them and drill holes along the sides and bottom.

– Tie the two pieces together with the thread point.

– Cut a piece of leather to close the pocket and glue it to the back of the pocket.

– Measure the location of the button and paste it. Cover the inside with a piece of cloth so as not to scratch the phone.

– Measure, cut and glue on the decorative lace to finish.

You can use faux leather or the real deal on this gift and match a color scheme that will suit the personality of the recipient. You can also make it to specific dimensions for their laptop.

Who is it for

Anyone with a laptop.

What you are going to need

– Colored canvas

– lining

– Leather fall

– ¼ inch thick foam

– Button

– Rotary knife

– Binding clips

How to do it

– Cut the leather and the canvas to the desired dimensions. Make 2 pieces each.

– Use the binding clips to hold the leather and canvas together. Sew each set together.

– Use a round cutting guide to round the bottom of the edges of the leather.

– Place both sides right sides together and sew the edges together except the top.

– Cut the seam allowance and notch the edges. Turn the pouch right side up.

– Cut 2 pieces each of fabric lining and foam. Pin the foam on the wrong side and round the bottom corners. Sew together to make the lining and the trim.

– Slide the liner inside the case back to back.

– Cut a strip of leather and slip 1 inch between the lining and the pouch. Sew the top lining of the pocket closed including the strap.

– Measure the button and cut a hole in the strap. Sew the button on the pocket and close the clasp.

Scarf with hidden pocket

Not all women want to walk around with a handbag all day. This unique gift will serve in cold weather, spruce up the style and provide an extra pocket for accessories.

Who is it for

An elegant lady who doesn’t carry handbags.

What you are going to need

– Basic sewing material

– Outer fabric

– Inner lining

– Zipper

How to do it

– Cut the two fabrics to the desired size and length.

– Position the zip on the outside of the scarf and sew one side down.

– Superimpose the fabrics right sides together, pin and sew. Leave the zip open.

– Trim the seam allowance and edges. Pull the zipper to return to the right side.

– Pin the bottom of the zip and sew to create a pocket.

Children can forget about fragile chess boards and weak chess pieces with this beautiful gift set. It can also be used as a game of checkers.

Who is it for

Children who love chess

What you are going to need

– Flannel quarters in 4 colors

– Thread

– Bottle caps

– Wax or sharpie paper

How to do it

– Choose 2 colors for the checkerboard and cut 4 strips each. Sew the long side of the opposite colors together. Repeat, alternating colors with the other bands.

– Cut the patched strips crosswise into 8 strips. Turn the strips over to form a chessboard and sew again.

– Cut a back in a third flannel. Pin it to the chessboard and sew.

– Connect the chessboard with the fourth flannel.

– Draw chess symbols on the bottle caps.

If you have a lot of fabric scraps from working on different sewing projects, you don’t have to throw them away! This gift requires different styles to achieve that patchwork look.

Who is it for

Adults and adolescents.

What you are going to need

– Different fabrics

How to do it

– Cut 32 squares from different fabrics (2 squares per fabric) and separate them into 2 sets.

– Sew 4 rows of 4 squares each. Iron the seams in the same direction and sew the 4 rows together. Open press seams.

– Repeat for the second set of squares.

– Sew the right side to right side, cut the lower corners and turn the bag over.

– Cut 2 pieces of fabric for the sheath of the cords. Fold them and sew them to the top of the bag

– Cut 2 squares for the wrong side.

– Place them right sides together and sew 2 edges. Cut off the corners and put them in your bag. Line up an open edge with the top of the bag and sew to secure it.

– Turn right through the last opening. Sew the opening by hand.

Prepare 2 long cords and thread the cord sheath. Tie the edges together.

This is another amazing use of scrap fabric. The dimensions used here are for a 64 inch x 80 inch quilt. Measurements can be changed to get a larger or smaller size.

Who is it for

Anyone as a Christmas present

What you are going to need

– 160 squares of printed fabric (4 ½ inches)

– 20 squares of sturdy fabric (2 ½ inches)

– 20 squares of white fabric (2 ½ inches)

How to do it

– Combine each plain fabric with a white fabric. Sew together to make 20 strips. Press the seams.

– Cut each strip into 16 2 ½ inch x 4 ½ inch pieces to make 320 pieces. Sew 2 pieces each together. This will make 160 pieces with 4 patch blocks.

– Match each set of patch blocks with 1 set of printed fabric. Sew together and iron the seams.

– Assemble the pieces in 20 rows of 8 blocks. Pin the seams.

– Sew everything together to finish.

This custom camera strap is not only padded for comfort, but you can also customize the style with any fabric to fit the receiver.

Who is it for

A photographer or camera enthusiast

What you are going to need

– Printed fabric

– Solid color fabric

– Matching yarn

– Thin fusible fleece

– The scissors

– The iron

How to do it

– Cut 1 piece of printed and solid fabric. Place them right sides together and sew the long edges. Put aside.

– Cut the 1 inch iron-on fleece. Make it 2 inches shorter and 1 inch thinner than the other fabrics. Place in the center of the sewn fabrics, plain side and iron with an iron.

– Let the hot fleece cool. Turn right and press the seams.

– Tuck in the open edges and sew.

– Fold the strap in half lengthwise. Make sure the printed fabric is on the outside.

– Sew the open edges.

Sunglasses can be quite expensive. You can put a pair in this case or just gift the case to a friend who is in desperate need of it.

Who is it for

A fan of sunglasses

What you are going to need

– 2 assorted fabric scraps

– iron-on fleece

How to do it

– Cut each fabric into 2 matching rectangles. Place right sides together and pair it with iron-on fleece cut ½ inch smaller on all sides.

– Merge the fleece with the fabric and sew all sides except one short side.

– Turn a rectangle right side up and stuff it into the other rectangle that is still upside down.

– Match the top edges and sew it around. Leave some space to turn.

– Turn everything right side up and stuff the square of the inner lining into the outer square

– Fold it flat and sew around the top.

ConclusionA close-up of the hands of someone sewing a gift using their sewing machine.

Do you know how to sew? Do you know someone who can? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you will never run out of thoughtful gifts to give to friends and family. There are so many things you can sew for different occasions. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, Christmas, Halloween, or you are in the spirit of giving gifts without an occasion, hand-sewn gifts will always do the trick. Take inspiration from our list and sew!


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