Computerized embroidery machine vintage sewing machine

We are in February 2018. Do you remember what you were doing in December 2012? If you are [juppiter]you started your CNC embroidery machine which would not be completed for more than half a decade. The results speak for themselves, but this may be the last time we see a first-generation Raspberry Pi without calling it retro.

The heart of the build is a vintage Borletti sewing machine, and if you like machine porn, you’re going to enjoy the video after the break. The brains of the machine is an Arduino UNO filled with GRBL goodness and the Pi that runs CherryPy. For muscles, there are three Postep25 stepper drivers and corresponding NEMA 17 stepper motors.

The first two axes are for an XY table responsible for moving the fabric through the machine. The third axis is the steering wheel. The rigidity of the fabric frame comes from its brass construction which may have been welded to the kitchen table and watched over by a large orange cat. A stiff frame is the first ingredient for reliable results, but belt tension cannot be underestimated. His tip for tensioning the belt may not be new to you, but it was new to some of us. An Italian translation may be required.

The skills brought together for this build were vast. There was structural welding, part machining, a microcontroller, and motion control. The first time we heard of [juppiter] It was December 2012, and it was the result of a portable CNC mill that probably had some influence on this creation. In the meantime, he also shared with us his quarter-gobbling arcade cabinet.

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