Sunday, August 3: Half-day workshops (3 hrs.)


Beaded Text Messages
Nancy Eha

Skill level: All, Hand Class
Required materials fee: $8 includes all beads, needles, thread, and patterns.

Add a layer of meaning to your fabric-based creations. Learn the finer points of creating several script and print font styles with continuous secure lines of beads on fabric. Write poetry, quotations, attention-grabbers, titles, and even sign your work of art! Start your own personalized Create beaded text message piece in class.


Design Dynamics For Every Quilt Style
Kathy McNeil

Skill Level: All, Design class
SUPPLY LIST - note taking materials

Deepen your understanding of layout, design and fabric choices. Make the most of your contemporary or traditional quilts, by paying attention to color, value, shape, line and contrast. Learn the secrets award winning quilters use to add movement, depth and balance to their compositions. The "Visual Impact" is the most important part of your quilt. Learn to use the language of design to help you analyze what works for you and others. You do not need to be an artist to take this class. Bring traditional blocks or patterns that you want to work with, fabrics you are considering or a picture that inspires a quilt design. You'll have a new sense of confidence as we work together in this totally supportive environment to plan or enhance your new quilt. Kathy will stay after class for a short while to look at pictures or quilt tops for individual feedback.


Doodle Your Way To Better Quilting
Cheryl Malkowski

Skill Level: All, Design class

We take out paper and pencils and doodle without any inhibitions. Deciding where to go next is the hardest part of machine quilting. We will explore options for continuous line quilting for backgrounds, all-over patterns, borders and more. Once you have these patterns stored in your muscle memory, they will easily transfer to your quilting!


Folk Art Embroidery
Helene Knott

Skill Level: All, Hand class
Required materials fee: $10 includes a master pattern, a preprinted rinse-away working pattern, felt, embroidery floss, beads and sequins, beading thread, and a beading and embroidery needle.

Hand embroidery is relaxing and pleasurable; the appeal of decorative hand stitchery is universal the world over. There are many forms of the craft and this project is rooted in the needlecrafts of India and Pakistan. In this class you will learn a variety of stitches that will be used to render a Folk Art motif – either a cat or a peacock. The finished embroidery can be applied to another project – a quilt or wearable art or completed and stuffed to make a charming ornament.


Heirloom Feathers And Backgrounds
Cindy Needham

Required material fee: $15
Skill Level: All, Lecture

This is a fun 3-hour lecture where Cindy will teach you how to create beautiful heirloom style freeform feathers and backgrounds. This is the lecture only part of her very popular Feathers & Backgrounds workshop. Extensive handbooks are provided on a CD as well as handouts to be used in class. Lots of samples will be brought for fondling.


Modern Triangles: Improvisational Stitch & Flip Triangle
Katie Pedersen

Skill level: All, Design class, Sewing Machine needed

Take triangles to a whole new level with this modern, improvisational version of triangles from the To the Point chapter in Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts. Katie's free-flowing take on this technique will leave you inspired to design an endless amount of quilts! Katie will share multiple projects to spark your creativity and set you on the path to your own stitchand-flip triangle design.

Thread Creates The Design
Barbara Olson

Skill Level: Confident machine quilter, Sewing Machine needed

Most often the quilting plays a supporting role in a quilt. With freehand quilting designs and an array of beautiful threads the quilting takes top billing. This class will give students the opportunity to develop quilt designs and experience stitching the designs with different types and weights of threads. This small example piece from a small project will increase machine quilting and freehand quilting design skills.


Traditionally Wonky
Lura Schwarz Smith

Skill Level: All, Design class, Sewing Machine needed
Required materials fee: $3

Give an old favorite a new twist, and break out of the box – take a traditional block and tweak it. Learn to easily draft and piece customized distorted traditional quilt blocks using both curved and straight distortions, and why and how to use this in your work for added dimension, perspective, and depth. Class time will be mostly spent on learning to distort traditional quilt blocks, both curved and straight distortions, and why and how to use this in your work. We will piece one "wonky warpo" block from The Barn Quilt pattern.      



Veined Leaves With Needle-Turn Appliqué
Michele Byrum

Skill Level: Intermediate appliqué skills, Hand class
Required Materials Fee: $3 includes template, patterns, and stabilizer.

Learn a needle-turn appliqué technique for adding recessed veins to leaves without using reverse appliqué!          

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